My site has been removed from BING

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I just noticed that suddenly since 24 hours my website (link removed by moderator) is not listed on Bing. even with a search "" . It's totally sudden when it's just a tutorial blog with 100% original content written by me, nothing illegal and no plagiarism...


Please you really have to do something, after all the efforts we made to rank on Bing and after being ranked N°1 for hundreds of keywords, we disappear overnight...


I have always followed the most honest practices to build a clean site so there must be a mistake, I have never even built a single backlink, asked for a guest post or copied a single sentence. All the content is 100% original, it MUST be a mistake.


Please check because it's really terrible to lose everything after working so hard and in an honest way.


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At this point, I am so confused that I even wonder if your bot has misinterpreted one of my last articles here: (link removed by moderator) or the illustration pictures that are there?

This is the only explanation I can see because the site is normal and well-considered by Bing which often ranks me in good position before the publishing of this article a few days ago


I hope you are having a great day, the best thing to do is to contact Bing Webmasters here:

Have a great day!

Hello, Thank you for your answer but i have done this 10 days ago and didn't have a reply yet
Hello! As per our code of conduct, we don't allow sharing third-party/external links to keep the community a place free of ads and self-promotion, so we've removed the links in your posts above.

We hope users here can help, but this sort of inquiry will likely be best solved by Bing webmaster support: