Multiple Seo errors for Homepage

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Hi, recently logged into to Bing webmaster to check my site and it now shows multiple errors for my homepage, these errors don't appear anywere else e.g google, ahrefs, semrush, screaming frog so why in bing? Shall this be ignored? 


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Sometimes, Bing might have its own unique criteria or algorithms that could flag certain issues. It's a good practice to investigate these errors and take action if needed to ensure the best possible SEO performance across all search engines.

Even though the errors might not be negatively impacting your site's performance on other search engines, addressing them on Bing can potentially improve your site's visibility to Bing users. Every search engine has its audience, and optimizing for Bing can help you tap into a different demographic. If you're unsure about how to tackle these specific SEO errors on Bing or want a second opinion, you can explore to connect with SEO experts on Upwork. They can provide personalized guidance and assistance to resolve the issues.

Bing not showing my content of my website. Even I replaced and I verified bing search console

Hmm, that does sound odd. It could be worth investigating further to see why Bing specifically is flagging these errors. Sometimes search engines have different algorithms or criteria. Perhaps checking out resources on websites like could shed some light on how to address these discrepancies and ensure your homepage is optimized across all platforms.

It could be due to any or a combination of the following reasons: Your site is new and we haven't discovered and crawled it yet: If your website is new, Bing may take time to find the links and crawl through your site.