Microsoft, I do have issue with things like this

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I am in Discovery mode, chat. I decided to ask if my chats in Discovery Mode counted against my daily limit. I was told NO. I do not know if I should trust that, it would be nice if we got an answer; I will also ask in a seperate message. But that is not why I generated this message.



After asking the above, one of the continue question asked by the Bot was something along the lines of "Tell me more about celebrity mode". I click that, it told me more. Ok. You, the bot brought this subject up, told me it existed and how it worked. I though, neat. So I went over to Regular Chat from Asked about celebrity mode, it told me. One of the follow upd by Bing Chat was, "Tell me how to activate celebrity mode". Reply #2 in the chat With Bing chat told me how to activate. So, I tried to activate by using this as suggest and all I get is, Try a different topic, or I cannot talk about that.

With very little prompting on my part, with no intent to harm I'll add, I was given this celebrity mode and yet get shut down when I use it. 


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