Lost bing chat access

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After asking copilot about the same issue and getting inaccessible, I found that I couldn't access the bing chat, which seemed to be a device ban. I'm sorry for the trouble this has caused you. I had no idea these deep thoughts on Chinese films would lead to a ban. Because I needed to complete a speech about industry issues and innovative suggestions, and I had watched some in-depth videos criticizing Chinese movies, I wrote it in text form. I consulted Bing Chat to test its wisdom in debating and thinking deeply, hoping to get some useful advice. Facts have proved that Bing Chat's analysis is very accurate and powerful. I understood what the video speaker said from different perspectives, which gave me some inspiration for thinking. Unexpectedly, an ordinary homework discussion caused me to lose a capable helper, and may even be abandoned by the trend of the times. I feel very sorry for this. Hopefully given another chance, I'll never put my good helper in danger again. I hope to contribute to the better development of Bing Chat, but it is difficult for me to live without the help of this smart elf. Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Were you able to find you lost work I may know of a work around MAYBE