Link spamming and excessive link manipulation - sites with exploitative removal practises

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Hi everyone,


There are a series of websites known as sites with exploitative removal practises in which they demand money from the victim to remove the offensive/defamatory/false comments. I understand Bing have developed a tool to request removal of such websites from search results (i.e. Report a Concern to Bing). However, it appears some of the websites use link spamming and/or excessive link manipulation techniques with which they are able to avoid removals and continue to appear as top search results (with new links immediately after removal). Please note the abusive tactic (i.e. link spamming and/or excessive link manipulation) is in breach of Webmaster Guidelines therefore spam reports have also been lodged in which the situation has been explained and a list of links have been provided to support the report but no actions from Bing yet. In addition, it appears the "Feedback" link at the bottom of does not prompt any actions either. 


The link manipulation techniques not only may interfere with search engine but also would result in additional removal requests which would ultimately consume resources/time of Bing Removal Team.


Can anyone please advise what would be the best approach here? 


I appreciate if anyone could help me on this or put me in the right direction to get the low quality sites de-listed from Bing.



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Your post is Important! I see here 2 things first is an attempt to extort money because so you wrote = it is the competence of the police to explain this problem are the appropriate sections that will check your computer and there is a possibility that it will be explained!
The Bing team is not the right direction to take care of!
2 - case if I understood it well harassing ads, please install the ad blocker and after the problem!
Often users themselves lead to this situation by downloading unauthorized software and thus agree to access the device and Windows and I think that is the case in your case. The easiest way to use the IT service and ask for a repair or reinstall the system without additional applications that cause your annoyance I wish you luck Please write if my hint was helpful I'm curious about your opinion!