Letting community members keep Bing Places up to date

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I've noticed a lot of people tend to update their business address in Google before Bing Places and sometimes never update their address on Bing Places, which brought on an idea!

Why not let certain, trusted community members contribute and make Bing Places better by allowing them to update the addresses on business that are incorrect.

It could be quite a simple process where a community member logs in to update an address, they can contribute a picture of the business also if needed, and then Bing Places will email the original account that set up it and if no response within say 15 days, it'll automatically update the address.

I know of many businesses in my area that have either closed down or moved with incorrect details on Bing and I'd love to update them.

I have suggested updates via Bing itself for several businesses over the last 12 months and they are never updated, so there needs to be a better system to make Bing Places more accurate.

I'd love to hear what Microsft think and other community members.



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Hi, yes it's a good idea (outdated information is worthless)
But for this to be a suggestion considered -> you need to use the Windows Feedback Center app -> select Add new feature and explain why it will be helpful to all users!
Thank you.

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