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I have been using Bing for over 4 years now, and nothing frustrates me more than when I am doing my daily Bing activities, it sometimes takes me 3-4, even 5 tries to get credit for that activity. And, worse, and it's happening more frequently, Bing notifies me that despite my completing my daily set, I missed a day.  And when I complain to Microsoft support they tell me that in fact I did miss a day.

I'm seriously considering is it even worth it to play these stupid daily activities to keep a streak going, only to have it fail on a regular basis.  No amount of Bing "rewards" is worth that aggravation and frustration.  I'm seriously considering cashing out my Bing points, removing Bing from my PC, and going back to Google.

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Bing has done it again. I went from a 43 day streak this morning, having completed all my Bing daily set, to now where it shows me at 0 again. Are these nerds at Microsoft so moronic that they can't even keep electronic tabs of how many days we continously log on and complete these tasks, or do they purposely do it so they don't award us the bigger bonuses???? I am getting so frustrated with these stupid Bing games, I am ready to delete both Bing as my search engine, and the equally stupid Microsoft Edge browser. For the lousy $5 rewards I get for racking up 5250 Bing points, it's just not worth the frustration and aggravation that I have to put up with these moronic geeks at Microsoft!
Hi Skeptic_101,

Welcome to the community, I would like to let you know that the best was to get this solved is to forward your concern to the backend team to work it out:

Kindly use this form and they will get back to you :)