Is 'this' a new feature?

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*bottom left corner*bottom left corner

I believe it was sometime last week when I first noticed the little, black "watch now" playlist located on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. *(hint: it has a turquoise 'screen' showing a 'play' icon.) At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it because it had disappeared after I attempted to use it, and- for the life of me- I could NOT find it after the initial use. That is until I started today's (Dec. 31, 2020) "daily set." 


Is this/ will this be something we can look forward to? This playlist is SUPER handy. I only wish it was as easy to find (again) as it is to use! 

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I have seen this before, I think this is where you find it. I think you drag it.
You can click the bell icon and settings and see in th etop, bing saves. There you go :)


@Deleted While I appreciate your trying to help, unfortunately, you may have misunderstood what I was/ am asking(?). The link you gave me sends me to my ALREADY saved items. *As noted here, in the screenshot to show what happened when I clicked the link you supplied me with:*my "4 later(s)"*my "4 later(s)"

I would like to know where/ how to find the little floating "add-to" thingy described in (my) original post. You ARE correct, however, about the "drag to" function of it if that helps. 


Let's see if I can clarify... I am hoping to FIND how to add the "add-to" box while searching through videos I have not yet added to my "for later(s)" collection. Does that make sense?


Ooo! Being able to position that little box anywhere of (my) choosing would be AWESOME, too! Can you imagine?! What if we could not only position that tiny little "watch your playlist"/ add-to playlist WHEREVER a person wanted on their screen, but they could also re-SIZE it according to their preference?! Oh, the possibilities!!! :smile::cool::hearteyes:

Oh I see, I don' t know how to play the all playlists, I just know how to svae them. It seems like a mystery, @Alyxe, can you please help clarify this since it is very confusing.
Guess what?? I saw the popup that asked me to play my playlist. I found the link to play them. So I guess you can just save videos using the method I told you or somehow get that popup to come again to drag and drop.

This is the url. I don't know if this will work
Opps, the link only works on my playlist. I dont know

@Deleted You're sweet. Thank you for trying to help. But, again, I am not looking for my playlist. I am looking specifically for the "add-to" box and how-to add it while going/ searching through OTHER videos not yet in my collection. 

@Deleted ;)

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Well Bing has it harder to drag and drop. You could go to the video and press the save button.

I don't know for sure how to get that box to appear. @Alyxe
I did notice if I keep draging the thumbnails to teh bottom left it will show the box and I can darg it. but that is very a silly way to do it. I will send feeback on this
I also did notice that if you drag or are on that video page just a genreal search and go back and forth from tabs, it will show.
Now it shows the poup when I am on the page activly and scrolling. Then it appears like it is on a timer to see if you want to save stuff or not. Maybe just wait for it to appear???
Yup, my prediction seems to be working, just stay on that page and wait a few seconds
I solved it Rae_Rae, you just have to wait a few second on the video search results and it will POUP UP. This is the offical solution I think, I think @Alyxe should clarify on this. Thankyou