is there a way to rate or give feedback for Bing search results?

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since i was giving Edge Chromium Beta a test, i thought i'd try Bing as my first attempt. i'd put my search engine skills at a C+ or B-, but at least 40% of the time, i couldn't find what i was looking for. switch over to Google, and it bumps up to 85-90%.


is there a way (like a program to opt into?) to rate a search result? or as a non-employee, is the only other option really to wait until it improves?

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@plonk420 Yes, they really do need to add that option. Sometimes, there is a thumbs up or down where you can rate a card that appears, but I'm still having trouble contacting Bing about this.


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@cjc2112 Ok, I stumbled on the answer accidentally. At the bottom of the page there is a bar with some things on it, one of which is feedback.png

Hope this helps!



There is a feedback option at the bottom of SERP pages, but I'm not sure how effective this method is, as I've never used it.