iOS App Mysteriously Dropped iPad Support

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I'm not 100% if this is the proper forum to bring this up or not - I attempted to email the "developer address" in TestFlight and it bounced back saying that I'm not an authorized recipient on the distribution list...


The TestFlight version of Bing Search introduced iPad support months ago and I was ecstatic.  It worked well, looked beautiful, and was a natural extension of the Bing App on my iPhone.  About a month ago something changed and they ditched the iPad support.  I installed an older build to keep that support, but can't figure out how to actually talk to someone about this?  The feedback section in the app doesn't really seem to go anywhere and I can't seem to get feedback sent via TestFlight either.


Does anyone have any insight on this or perhaps can point me in the correct direction?



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First, welcome to the community.

Second, you might try going to the "hamburger" on the top left corner of (this) website; click it; then, choose "community hubs." There you will see two options- "My Hubs" and "All Hubs." There, you will find (last I checked) 120 hubs. It is in here the possibilities are endless; if you have the courage and patience, it will take to scroll through- did I mention- 120 hubs?! Of course, there IS a "REFINE results search box" to make things easier! :smile:

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Hi @ejschenck, I'm checking with our team! When I hear back I'll let you know. :)

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Ha, thanks. The "Bing" options seemed limited. I literally think I'm one of the few people that uses the Bing app on iOS lol!
Awesome, thanks @Alyxe

It's like the weirdest project because they have TestFlight Testers using the app, but there's no actual way to submit feedback. Keep me posted when (if) you find out anything!