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I cannot stop thinking about replacing "This or That" with something a bit more interesting? Here's what I came up with: What if, instead of "This or That," it was (a) "Which Statement is True?" The idea of choosing the side would stay the same- RESEMBLING the outline of "This or That"- but the difference would be in the choice itself. Keeping the "5 points for every correct answer," here is what I came up with-


Let's use "Today in History" (Today being December 24th) as an example.


Which Statement is True?

a.) Yule Log made its debut in 1957;


b.) Yule Log made its debut in 1966.


The answer, of course, is "b.) Yule Log made its debut in 1966." 


There would STILL be TWO sides to choose from. Maybe there would be a link on the wrong answer that would open a new tab to show WHY it is the wrong answer? IDK. This was just a 'passing fancy,' I guess.

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@Rae_Rae I like this idea! Question for you, do you feel that people would still interact with the "This Day in History" component on Bing?  


Alyxandria (she/her)
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@Alyxe I was using "Today in History" as a 'topic' example. Another example would/ could be: "Headlines" or "Quotes." The idea is focused on/ around being able to "fact check" instead of just taking what we see/ read as 'gospel.' With ALL the misinformation floating around the web, 'it' gets harder to know what is real and what is made up. I believe Bing! has a/ the superior upper-hand. After all, Bing! (as far as I can tell) is continuously striving to "Make Bing! Better," and what better way to do this than to start by questioning the information we are given through a "game?"