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Hi, on the site many data about Italy are incorrect. This compromises general charts and statistics.
This problem should be solved. Thank you

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Hi @TommyDordo, I'd love to look into this further for you! Can you give me some examples of information that's incorrect?


Alyxandria (she/her)
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For one, when I look up Vaccine Covid Canada, it shows there is no currently an approved vaccine by health Canada and there is two vaccines.

Hi @Deleted, I change my region and Location to Vancouver Canada, and was able to find the accurate vaccine information in the Covid Tracker. If you're still not seeing the updated information regarding available vaccines in Canada I'd suggest clearing your browser history and cache. If it still happens please cite specific examples. 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders



Hi Alyxe,


Opps, I forgot to say it was from a search result not form 




Thank you! I'll pass this along to our team!


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

You're welcome!


Hi, thank you for the quick answer. As you can see from these charts, the information is not correct. I also checked the information on the GitHub database and they are incorrect.


Thank you.



Hi, Tommy,


There seems to be an issue with the screenshots since it says error. 



Hi @Deleted 


Maybe you need to download the screenshots. Thank you

Hi Tommy, yes it worked when I downloaded it. So are you trying to show us the difference between the bing data and the official data?



No no, I'm just showing you that the data is visually incorrect. they've been incorrect for a long time, so I was hoping it could be solved. Thank you very much

Oh, I see,

Have you checked the offical government case counts for covid?

What source is it? Maybe bing needs to update it's source data



Thank you for your answer. I checked Bing's database information at this link ( and the information is incorrect. However, the information on the Italian Ministry's website is correct.

Thank you.





You can report a issue to the bing covid teams



Yes, I know, but I reported this problem a few months ago and the information was not correct. Also on the Italian site there are some incorrect translations, but they have never been fixed. These are not very difficult problems to solve, so I don't understand why Bing's team doesn't do anything.

Have you emailed that email I sent?

Also, may you share the link to the official site with the correct data since I can't find it.
I am just wondering if is the only site giving not correct data?

Google? Who?
I will certainly send the information to the email, thank you very much. The official Italian data are at this link:
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Hi Tommy,

I see, you better email them about the situation then if it is a total msihap. Since you are better in the Italian language and you understand what is going on. Please email the email I provided before and make sure they get the point

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