How to activate Bing AI Search

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I have been given ccess to an early preview of the new Bing, and I have installed Microsoft Edge Dev, but when I use the Bing search, the results are a typical internet search results <wirte a story about a boy and his trumpet - Search (>. What do I need to do to activate my Bing search so that it utilizes AI?

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at the top there's the links to 'images videos shopping maps ...,' one of those should be 'chat.'

Thanks for replying. It seems that some searches do not result in Bing giving options. Perhaps I need to rephrase the question. It seems like I am connected to the AI Bing. I need to play with it more.



This is what you should see. Chat is the second option

Where is chat.png

I see that, so I must be in. Thanks!
Click the Chat and then you can start chatting, it will start based on your searched item.



Thanks for the tip.  It seems to be working now.

Great! I hope it works out well for you.
how to chat to bing chatbot



If you are in the preview, you click the Chat icon under the bing search bar and start chatting