How do I download the Bing! homepage image(s)?

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Is it even possible?

I would LUV to set "what does the fox dream" or "pining for spring" as my desktop (well, in my case, laptop) wallpaper. 

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@Rae_Rae- There's actually an MS app that can do that for you: 



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If you hover of the tiny tab, like the descirption beside the sliders. There is a download option. Note: Not all bing homepages support this. Or you can just download the bing wallpaper app. Or even better on android with the lanucher with daily BING ::::))))

Right click in the empty space on the left edge past the microsoft bing logo. select inspect. in the code inspection window that pops up look for a line that says and includes background and or image. select that line of code and in the smaller code pseudo-element window to the right a link to the actual image will be listed. you click that and you should have the image for the background@Rae_Rae