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I just saw the picture, it looks awesome. Is that going to roll out or is it just a fluent design

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@Deleted I think it is just a model or concept
Oh I see
I also noticed in the give with bing blog, in the dashboard, it says you are donating this much points and how much you are donating. I only see the how much points and not how much with a $

Hey @Deleted, Microsoft Rewards points don’t have any cash value. I totally understand wanting to know how many points it will take to get a gift card or free subscription. Typically, it usually takes about 5,000 points to redeem something worth $5.   


Alyxandria (she/her)
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It says in the picture, how much you are giving this month though.
I am talking about the GIve with Bing
Hey Alyx, one more thing. The feeback button on give.bing.com website is borken, it is working just no sumnbit btn