Help: why my site has been removed from Bing's search results

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On October 15, 2021 my site (link removed by moderator) was removed from Bing's and Yahoo's search results, although it is still indexed in their search engine.


Even the search key "site: ((link removed by moderator)" returns a blank page along with the message "Some results have been removed".


I don't have the foggiest idea about the reason why it was removed. In Bing Webmaster I found no warning at all and they say it is correctly indexed.


I have already sent an email to Microsoft's support but so far the only reply I have received is an automated one saying that they will look into the issue and then get back to me.


I'm desperate, because this removal is having an impact on my budget and I don't know what kind of measure I can take.


I will appreciate any advice you may want to give me.



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@mariagraziacaputo I am in the same situation as you. I did everything like you. But I don't know why and I want to know. Now I will open a discussion.

@mvarol94 So, it looks like I'm not alone.

Before being removed from Bing's search results, my site had been up and running for more than fifteen years.

I find it depressing to know that your business can be damaged so easily by someone who doesn't even tell you why they decided to erase you from their search engine.

All I can do right now is tell my clients to switch to Google when they need to search for my site. I hope Google will never behave like this.

Please find attached a couple of screenshots showing how serious the problem with my site is.

@mariagraziacaputo i am also removed from the bing without any reason. i dont why they lift site with any error

Our website (link removed by moderator) have faced same issue recently. Raised ticket but no reply still now, I am really puzzled what's the probable cause.
We have another domain which we used as development website (link removed by moderator). We strictly mentioned in robots.txt not to crawl but still this website indexed and ranked better.



Site not at all showing.

Where as my development site  ranked extremely well despite blocking by robots.txt 



Only differences is we have used emoji in meta title in three different pages :magnifying_glass_tilted_left:  :thumbs_up: .:trophy:  in Live site. Does Using Emoji in meta treated as spam and result removed for that?

Our entire website information manually gathered and not filled by any bot or anything.

Can anyone guide us to resolve this issues. 


same problem for 1 month. No response from Bing ... My site has disappeared from the search engine ...
Do Cloudflare anyways connected with this, We migrated our website in Cloudflare few days back and Bing removed our website with in few days.

So three probable cause I guess
1> Cloudflare
2> Emoji in meta title
3> Duplicate sites (despite blocked in robots.txt)
Can anyone guide us what may be the issues.


Same situation with me. my domain: (link removed by moderator) is removed. I don't know what is the exact reason. how to recover I don't know. If anyone knows plz help.


@tahir21 I saw recently my website (link removed by moderator) removed from bing search. I did not found any reason why they removed. Any solutions?  


My website (link removed by moderator) is removed from bing search result and its almost 1 month .no reply from their side.


Our online store (link removed by moderator) is in the market for several years and also dissappeared from bing serch results.

We are still waiting for a reply.

Thank you

same issue here, same S***. anyone have any clue or any solution or even for whatsoever reason?

@mariagraziacaputo  i can your listed domain are low domain authority so they removed from their. Even mine domain too removed in bing. Bing is keeping high domain authority site only my suggestion. 

I facing the similar issue since Dec 2021, from my bing webmaster tools, I see the statistic drop to zero. I try to put site: (link removed by moderator) no longer shows in

Same is the case with (link removed by moderator). I don't why bing is doing this and is not giving any reason.

I am in contact with them from two months but they just keep send me emails that they  are looking into this issue for a permanent solution but I think they are also waiting to get site reindexed again automatically.

The same happens to me. 

(link removed by moderator)

I'm seeing the same thing here.


Just two days ago (link removed by moderator) was removed without warning, it still shows as being fine in Bing Webmaster Tools. It's been happily on Bing since Bing launched in what 2009?  Website was created in 2005, there's no ads, spam, dodgy links and I've never paid for dodgy backlinks or anything else dodge.


Also noticed my own blog has been de-listed too (link removed by moderator) most of the traffic on that literally comes from old Windows articles and how-to guides from when I used to be a Microsoft MVP.  Bing Webmaster Tools shows traffic almost stopping in October, and then it being de-indexed early February. It's been on the web for twenty years and Bing just kicks it off.


Neither of these are commercial sites so I'm not that bothered. But just imagine if these were commercial and 20% of my revenue just disappeared overnight?

I am having the same issue. I used the inspection tool to inspect one URL and the tool said: "blocked, URL cannot appear on Bing". I felt it was weird. So I checked the site indexing status by entering "" and it returend a blank page with the message: "Some results have been removed".
Already sent an email to Bing support team and I am look forward for their early reply.
Same here. The site suddenly disappeared from Bing search results several days ago.