HELP! Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with today's DAILY SET!

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So! Today's (July 21, 2021) daily set consists of:

  • "Caprese, anyone?;"
  • (the) "Lightspeed quiz;" and
  • (a) "Who said it?" category.

*The first part ("Caprese, anyone?"), was perfect- NO problems there. HOWEVER, moving on to the "Lightning Quiz" category, THIS is where the troubles began. As in, there WAS NO "quiz" showing up. At all. Clicking the link DOES open another page, which brought me to *(please view screenshot), but that was it. NO 'quiz.' Will someone please, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E, fix this SOON? I am working on a(n) 846-day streak. It would be very disappointing and heart-breaking for me to lose my streak.Screenshot 2021-07-21 7.34.25 AM.png



*THEN, there's the "Who said it?" portion. AGAIN, please view the screenshot. *(I believe, "a picture says 1,000 words.") ...Just sayin.'   (⊙_⊙)


Screenshot 2021-07-21 7.26.40 AM.png

***(LUCKILY, I chose Theodore Roosevelt for my answer, and it was correct. Whew!:facepalm:





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UPDATE: Apparently, this 'problem' is only happening on/ in the Bing! Browser. I JUST downloaded the Edge browser to my new phone and finished today's daily set.