Google indexed almost all of my pages whilst Bing doesn't want to index even one. Why?

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Also, two other websites of mine got indexed easily. What can be the issue?


Website removed

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Thank you but that topic doesn't answer my question.

I'm sorry but it doesn't help resolve that issue. Is there any way to ask Bing to explain to me what the issue is?


Unfortunately, but this requires further technical steps and there is no way to answer that will fix it - you have to follow the instructions that are in these posts - there is no other possibility.


Interfejs URL i interfejs API przesyłania zawartości narzędzi dla webmasterów Bing

I used TEST LIVE and this is what it showed:
URL can be indexed by Bing
It can appear on Bing Search results given it passes quality checks and gets indexed by Bing
Does this mean that this will be fixed?
I have no idea, I see no reason Bing doesn't want to index my pages. Is there anything I can do to get my pages indexed?


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Unfortunately, I didn't find any solution to that issue, mainly because the cause of that issue remains unknown. Moreover, it seems to be some kind of bug Bing should take care of and resolve.


you didn't answer my question!
Bing - protects other users if - the site is reported as unsafe
, this is a common reason for removal from indexing - for me it is obvious!

It's not unsafe. Anyway, it doesn't matter since there's no way to resolve that issue whatever caused it.
It is enough that you provide not true information - it is enough for Bing not to index this content = it has the right to do so, the Webmaster must take care of it - it has always been so