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After going through all the news on Bing today, I have a enhancement request for a new category of news. How about a "Good News" category? With most of the news focused on bad things happening around us, it would be nice to hear about some of the good things going on around us.


The "For You" category kind of had that because Bing would look for articles "You" were interested in, so it could develop over time. What happened to "For You"? I miss was good! Can we bring it back?


I have a feeling it might be difficult to program a "Good News" category. But, if there is a crew who could figure it out, it should be the Bing crew...maybe using AI??? Maybe look for articles that don't contain certain words like death, stab, prison, jail, kill, etc. For that matter, apply that same process to the US news to eliminate India news from US news.



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@HeyU-notU-U I think this is a fabulous idea! I'll pass it along to our developers. Thanks for sharing. 


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