[Fixed] Need help with Bing location


Can anyone tell me how to Stop Bing from changing my location and country when I connect to VPN? it's frustrating when Bing shows me non-English search result.. I might use for example a French VPN (IP) but that doesn't mean I can read French too.

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Did you ask Microsoft Customer Support?

Yup, the virtual agent couldn't help, when tried to connect me to a person, Bing wasn't in the list of Microsoft products!



Very weird.

You don't say! xd

@HotCakeX \


Bing isn't a Microsoft Product. My dad,64, told me that.

Looks like your dad used Microsoft support too.


'Nah, he's a member in Microsoft Azure.

Oh okay, let's use private messages for off topic conversations



Oh, sorry. Thanks for reminding me!

Hi @HotCakeX, just wanted to check in to see if you're still experiencing this issue?

@Alyxe Hi, I noticed a while ago that it's been more consistent so I'm satisfied with it now, doesn't change as often anymore when I use VPN and switch IPs.

thanks for checking back!