[Feature] Have an option in Settings to force enable function not usable normally in our country.

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I want to ask a feature tu force enable feature not finished in our region in bing, because we can enable it by changing the region, but if we do that the "customization" of our answers change too and impact the answer for these function.


So having a way to force them (and choose the languages for instance Switzerland who choose France or Belgium (for french) they can "beta test" these functions and report to bing if it work (for deploys them to all user in these country)).

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A flags in edge insider or a switch who appear in bing's settings when the Microsoft account is registered on insider)
@Wittycat Ok, let's send feedback (press Alt+Shift+I) and engineers will see it!
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That's an excellent suggestion, @Wittycat! Thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to pass it along to our engineers. Feedback submitted through (Alt+Shift+I) goes only to the Microsoft Edge team for review, not to Microsoft Bing. The best way to submit feedback for Microsoft Bing is by clicking "Feedback" on the bottom of the Bing page.


Alyxandria (she/her)
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@Alyxe I told Aelisya to do Alt+Shift+I because it should be considered by the Edge team too.

To clarify, @Wittycat, you're requesting a feature to enable you to use Bing Features that may be in beta still or haven't fully rolled out yet, correct? 


Alyxandria (she/her)
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@Alyxe exactly, because i also read the news on my new tab page, so if i change the country i don't have news from my country but i have the news feature, so having a way to force enable it (event if not totally translated or stable can help (and if there is a easy way to help in translation with the already existing feedback is even better))

@Wittycat excellent, that's what I thought! In that case, you'd want to report your feedback through the Bing website. Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing have separate engineering teams. The Microsoft Edge team wouldn't be able to action this type of feedback, since it isn't browser-related.

@Alyxe thanks i confirm i have done the feedback here, with alt+shift+i (if bing incorpore it to have a flags who enable it like in the past there was a flags to enable secure search (lock the safe search)), and on the comment part of bing too ^^.


i hope to see this function (at least to help to bring functionality faster in minor country because the gap between US and other in term of functionality is often big).