Example with pics of Another Bad This or That Quiz


@Alyxe Pulease get this feedback to the appropriate people! Please stop penalizing us!


Today's This or that quiz had a wrong answer -- AGAIN.


And, as I've been saying, a major reason these quizzes are so awful is that they penalize you for a "wrong" answer. Even if the quiz is WRONG. Stop penalizing us!!!!


Today's unlucky loser compared the Zifeng Tower to the Landmark 81 building and asked which has the greater architectural height. The correct answer is the Landmark 81 building with a height of 1513 feet according to both Google and Wikipedia. Bing used the roof height which is incorrect!


The Zifeng Tower has an architectural height of 1480, again according to Google and Wikipedia.


The correct answer, therefore is Landmark 81. As you can see from the attached, the quiz says I am wrong (I'm not) and another attached picture shows that I was penalized for Bing being wrong and I did NOT receive my points.


If you all are going to have bad quizzes, the least you can do is give us our points even when you are wrong.


Please stop penalizing us!


Thank you.



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Hi @HeyU-notU-U, thanks for sharing this. I completely understand your frustration. You are correct, the correct answer to the question is the Landmark 81 building and you should have received points for that question. To resolve this you'll need to reach out to Microsoft Rewards Support


Regarding the discrepancy between Bing, Wikipedia, and Google: I'll review where we're pulling this answer from once our team is back in the office. 


I will share your feedback with our quiz team and reinforce that this is an ongoing issue. 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

@HeyU-notU-U THANK YOU!!! 'This' happened to me, too. But I wasn't quick enough to capture the screenshot. I was also afraid to 'go back' to the question because prior experience taught me that when (IF) I did, I could get 'penalized' (TWICE) for choosing the same answer. 

@Rae_Rae You are welcome! I know exactly what you mean. We don't want to get penalized once, let alone twice even if we are trying to help the Bing Team!


@Alyxe When you provide feedback, please note that I am NOT the only one complaining. The other thing I think you should emphasize is how bad these This or That quizzes make Bing look. Here is why:


1) They penalize the user for wrong answers, even when Bing is wrong. Very bad.

2) They drive clicks to Google. Since we are penalized we go to Google to verify one way or the other. It greatly reduces trust in Bing as a valid source of information due to wrong answers. If I weren't penalized, I probably wouldn't take the time to validate on Google. Nor would I care as much. Very bad for Bing, very good for Google.

3) These terrible quizzes illustrate how Bing is weaker than Google. Is that really what Microsoft wants? I have yet to find an instance where Google was wrong. However, I keep finding Bing to be wrong. Very bad for Bing, very good for Google.

4) The Rewards team and Bing team are ignoring feedback. An area Bing had a huge advantage over Google was its interaction with Insiders. Now, Insiders are ignored. No advantage for Bing. Bad for Bing, good for Google.


@Alyxe Please take this as my formal request that you escalate this problem with your supervisor to gain assistance in making this problem more visible within Microsoft so that it may be solved.


Thank you.

@HeyU-notU-U As I stated earlier, the best way for you to get this resolved is to reach out to Microsoft Rewards Support. While I am here to moderate this forum by facilitating conversations about Microsoft Bing, I am not a support agent and have no insight into the inner workings of Microsoft Rewards. When the need arises, I am happy to pass along feedback to the Microsoft Rewards team about quizzes that involve Microsoft Bing.

Once our team has returned to the office, I will follow up with them regarding the discrepancy you noted regarding the difference between the two search engines.
Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

@Alyxe thank you for your response. I have contacted support on multiple occasions. Their response has been to close the ticket and say we're sorry you don't like the quiz. In addition, while you say that is the way to contact them, there is no good drop down selection for this sort of thing.


The way you phrased your response is that you will follow-up about the error.


I am asking that you follow-up about how bad these quizzes are and how bad they make Bing look.


In the past, the Bing team was able to work with the Rewards team directly. I am curious why that is not available now. Melroy and the team were able to do some great things.

Is Bing going away?

Okay, @HeyU-notU-U , I just went over your screenshots (again). And, according to YOUR screenshots, you HAD (unfortunately) chosen the incorrect answer. The last time I checked (and I did so three times), 1,302 ft. IS, in FACT, LESS than 1,480 ft. *(You may have- as I have done before) misread the question/ answer. Be that as it may, I believe there COULD be a/n "This or That" alternative.


Here's a thought, what if YOU COULD change (the) "This or That?" What would it be, and how would you like it to work? Keep in mind, (though); it MUST contain these (three) components:

  •  a choice (between two answers);
  •  5 points for each CORRECT answer (for a chance to earn a TOTAL of 50 points; AND, (of course),
  •  a (the initial) question summing up the theme as a whole.


There is already enough negativity in this world. Let's try to make it (the world) more positive by finding the things we LIKE. No 'one' of us (individually) is "perfect." After all, we are only HUMANS, and ALL make mistakes. However, If- WHEN- we work together, we CAN make a difference for EVERYONE. Let's try to make this a better place by starting with  POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES. Right here, right now, YOU can make 'it' happen. 


@Rae_Rae Yes! You are correct that 1,302 ft. IS, in FACT, LESS than 1,480 ft. (I got my measuring tape out to double check :suprised:). But...


The Architectural height of Landmark 81 is actually 1,513 ft., not 1,302 ft. which is what Bing said it was. Which means the Landmark is taller. Which means, I chose the correct answer! :smile: Bing had the wrong answer. That was the point of that post.


As for your proposal for fixing This or That, the way I would fix it is to stop penalizing wrong answers whether it is Bing that is wrong or us. So, I disagree with your second bullet. The answer shouldn't need to be correct. No other quiz or activity penalizes wrong answers. Give me another chance at it and, for sure, I'll get it right!


The bottom line on these activities is that Microsoft is providing us with incentives to generate clicks for Bing. Plain and simple. Don't penalize me for helping you is my message (the you in this case is Microsoft).


And, let me say this to you...I really appreciate your thoughtful approach to this!! I wish you were on the Bing team! :smile: @Alyxe can you see if there is an opening on the Bing team for @Rae_Rae ? :happyface:

(Sweetheart, @HeyU-notU-U . "...measuring tape..." LUV it! LOL!)


I think you misunderstand the questionable difference between 'Architectural Height' and 'Tip.' To help you along, here is a link to explain how skyscrapers are measured:




*Please note, I find the first THREE answers to be the MOST helpful. Also, please, be aware of the KEY phrase “functional-technical equipment” as described 'first.'


As for (the) "proposal," have you/ can you come up with something YOU WOULD like to see/ do/ have on Bing!? I am curious to know, however, if doing "this or that' does NOT make you HAPPY, then why do you continue (to do/ 'play' "this or that"), please?



Bing had/has the two measurements reversed. Consequently, the Bing answer was/is wrong (checking Wikipedia). I have been always comparing Architectural Heights throughout this ordeal. I just checked and Bing is still wrong. 


As for your other question, I would be ok Microsoft would just not penalize us for wrong answers (theirs or ours). Microsoft will still get their clicks and we will still get our points.


Seems fairly simple to me.

This started in 2020 and your STILL panelizing us and getting answers wrong so we dont get points for rights answers. STOP panelizing us and give us points for effort!

@jmp1972 You might want to try doing what I do (now)- going to:  https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftRewards/ You will find ALL your "answer needs" (here), and SO much MORE! I don't "hope this helps," I KNOW "this helps!" :hearteyes: Happy "gaming!"