Enable Bing Chat for Enterprise - Tenant Admin

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I'm having trouble enabling Bing Chat for Enterprise with a tenant that has an E5 license using my Global Administrator. I get the following error:




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I had this issue using Edge in in-private mode, using an account with necessary permission to the tenant. The shortened URL points to On removing the bceadmin part of the URL, I received an error indicating unsupported browser.
Opening on a standard session I signed out of my AAD standard account and entered the URL. On prompt to sign in I entered an account that had tenant permissions and was able to enable Bing Chat Enterprise.
Either an issue with an in-private session or something Microsoft have fixed in the back end and this is purely coincidental.
Same issue.

Tried on many browsers, devices and inprivate windows.

My personal Dev tenant worked.

My prod tenant and non prod tenant has this issue.
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I had this issue in both my dev and prod environment. I was able to get around it with the following process.

I used the Edge browser with profile signed in as the admin for the tenant I was working on. Went to and got the error. Removed the "TurnOnBCE" portion of the URL, which took me to Bing chat. Used the back button to return to the previous page, and the option to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise was there, along with a checkbox to acknowledge terms and conditions. This worked for both my dev and prod environments.
Many thanks - that worked a treat.

Appreciate the quick feedback.
I confirmed that worked. Not sure how but I won't question it :) Thanks friend!