Discovered but not crawled | URL cannot appear on Bing

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Hi, I'm facing a problem with indexation. 

A few days ago, All URLs of my site were indexed within seconds. But now it says

"The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation."

Here is the site URL: (link removed by moderator)

It is an educational site, and none of the URLs violates bing guidelines. Even the site is getting indexed in Google with no issue. Please suggest to me a solution what to do. 

I have already tried APIs but nothing

You can see the details in an image. 

Bing abc.PNG


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I have this same exact problem, it's been an entire month and Bing's webmaster shows this error, it could've been better if it shows you the exact error but for some reason we have nothing but this frustrating message leaving us confused, I've checked my website and it doesn't have any problem with Bing's guidelines, my site is indexed on Google but for some reason Bing won't accept it.

Hey mate, I checked your site is back on Bing, what you do, how do you solve this issue?
I found same issue from last 3 years, still no solution. Website indexed on google properly.

Did you found any solution?

@John_Bloggs1705 But your site is indexed on Bing. How did you do?

As a heads-up, we don't allow external links/ads here, so we've removed the link in your original post. Sorry for the hassle. We recommend you reach out to Bing webmaster support about issues like this:
I have this exact same issue on my site. I tried to reach support and they just checked and sent the only URL that was showing on bing. I get literally 50k pageviews from google every month and 5 from bing. Bad support from Bing.