Dark Mode on bing.com

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It's perplexing to see that Microsoft hasn't yet introduced a Dark Mode for bing.com, especially considering its growing popularity. As a recent convert from Google, I've noticed this basic yet essential feature is missing, which can make browsing at night quite challenging. Surely, implementing Dark Mode should be a relatively simple task for a tech giant like Microsoft. I hope they take this into consideration to enhance the user experience for night-time users.

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It is really perplexing.

Not only Bing, but Microsoft.com website's as a whole. This Tech Community website for instance.

The only thing Bing shows me for choices are "Themes". Glad to see Halo get a theme but not Dark Mode, smh.

@oppazilo Hi,

I completely agree - thank you for the topic!


Dark Mode for Desktop Bing is rolling out.



Dark mode is available on bing.com. Click on the settings button on the top right and you should find what is seen in the screenshot. Update Edge if needed.