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Hey Insiders! 

I sent a message out today to let you know that we've created some new community guidelines for this space. Feel free to take a look:

In addition to the Community Guidelines, I wanted to get to know you all. Take a moment to drop a comment and introduce yourself! Bonus points for sharing your favorite candy and Bing Feature. :) 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

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I'll go first! Obviously, I'm Alyxandria (she/her) and you can @ me if you want. I am a candy fiend, which is why I wanted to know what your favorite candy is! Currently, I'm in love with Almond M&Ms almost as much as I am in love with the Bing Knowledge cards.


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

Hi Alyxe, I work on the Microsoft Bing team. My favorite Bing feature (right now) is the new recipes experience. I find myself cooking at home more than ever and am pretty helpless in the kitchen. I find myself looking up super basic stuff like 'how to roast a sweet potato'. As far as candy I could pick a million, but right now I could really go for some Swedish Fish.
I'm a Big Bing fan and happy to be part of this vibrant and friendly community.
my favorite feature is Bing Rewards (duh!) and I'm going to miss the bonus points because I haven't got a fav candy xD
It is hard to choose just one candy, isn't it? I'm sure that soon Bing will be the same, it'll be so hard to just choose one feature!
Yes, that's exactly the reason ^^
oh I can't wait for that day to come!
Hi! My name is Rachel and I love donating my Microsoft Rewards points to Give With Bing. If I had to narrow down my favorite type of candy it would have to be Sour Patch Kids, Snickers, Gummy Bears, and... does Phish Food ice cream count?

@Alyxe Hello and salutations, everyone! My name is Dana Rae; but, I prefer to go by "Rae Rae." (she/ her/ Rae Rae)


My favorite "Bing! Feature" is the "birthday carousel"- *(to be found when typing "people born on [enter month/ date]" into the Bing! search area). Granted, I prefer to only look at the people who have passed away; but, that doesn't stop me from discovering other people to celebrate.


Favorite candy. Favorite candy. Hm-mm... F-a-v-o-r-i-t-e candy. Um, good one! While I am not much of a candy person (anymore or any less than in the past), I will confess, there is a secret spot in my heart for Reese's Peanut Butter cups AND their(?) Reese's Pieces. Wait. Is chocolate even candy? :suprised: -LOL


Ooo! Update: *(Funny, I meant to do 'this' yesterday (April 11). I guess it's better late than never. Not to mention, today's daily set helped to remind me...) I love anything and everything with ("say it with me") 'car-ah-mell'! -LOL!!!

Chocolate is definitely a food group! LOVE!

ja jestem Andrzej Jestem wielkim fanem Bing :ok_hand: - korzystam z czytnika ekranu - funkcja immersyjnego na głos języka języka polskiego działa do bardzo pomocne !
Ja :thumbs_up:bardzo lubię to startową i codziennie nowe obrazy , które są fantastyczne !
Duże powiększenia obrazów i Trzcionki dużych likwidów wiązań z poruszaniem się po witrynach i zapewnić precyzyjne tematy wyszukiwanieów !
Binga działa w Europie
jest mniej - znany wartość wartości kampanii reklamowej dla solidnego Produktu Microsoft , zwiększyć do jego popularność !
MSN - prezentuje sprawdzone informacje lokalne !
Bing polecam znajomym ,ale ma swoje
przyzwyczajenia -
wartość nowych użytkowników do Bing tu bardzo miło przyjęty !

Bardzo przepraszam że ja nie zajmuje się gotowaniem , ale popieram dobre opinie jakie tu przeczytałem !

Dodaje tłumaczenie  Bardzo dziękuję !

I am Andrzej I am a big fan of Bing - I use a screen reader - the function of immersive aloud Polish language works to very helpful!
I really like this bootable and daily new images that are fantastic!
Large magnification images and reeds of large mate mates with navigating sites and provide precise search topics!
Binga operates in Europe
is less - the known value of the advertising campaign for a solid Microsoft Product, increase to its popularity!
MSN - presents proven local information!
Bing recommend to friends, but it has its own
habits -
the value of new users to Bing here very nicely received!

I am very sorry that I do not deal with cooking, but I support the good opinions that I read here!

Teraz przetłumaczyłem swój post dzięki Bing translator myślę że to dobry tłumacz przyznam się że korzystałem z innego , ale chcę zmienić na stałe użycie w tłumaczeniach !
Działa szybko !
Now I translated your post thanks to Bing translator I think it's a good translator I admit that I used another, but I want to change the permanent use in translations!
It works fast!
Bonjour, I'm French, living in the Paris area. I try to be up to date regarding Microsoft applications. I like the idea of donating while learning, that's why I use Microsoft rewards. I play the game and I enjoy it. Regarding candy, I am mad about black chocolate at least 70% of cocoa with hazelnuts, pure enjoyment.
@Antoine_Hauville OOO! I agree with the Hazelnut + Dark Chocolate combination. SO GOOD. I wish you could redeem your Microsoft Rewards Points for chocolate!
Hi Alyxe. I'm Toni and I'm brand new to the community. That being said, I don't have a favorite Bing feature yet, although reading through the comments has definitely given me a few to consider. As for candy, my ultimate favorites are Caramello bars and York Peppermint Patties. My all-time favorites would have to include Kinder eggs from Germany and Circus Peanuts. It's great to meet everyone!
Hello! There is a great atmosphere in this Group! MTC members are helpful! It is worth to be here and learn from others Yours sincerely Andrzej Welcome
Hey @Alyxe.
My always favorite candy "WWW" Bing also one of them.
Thank you.

@reddtimes :smile:

I've never heard of "WWW." WIll/ can you describe what kind of candy it is, please? [i.e., what it looks like, what it is made of, flavor(s)- as in- are there more than one flavor, etc.] I would appreciate it, thank you! :stareyes:



Thank you for the invite and your dedication to this group!  My favorite Bing feature is, of course, the rewards.  I must say I get a larger than normal thrill from collecting $2.36 for searching/shopping with Bing!  My favorite candy of the moment is dark chocolate covered raisins.  If we're talking hard candy favorite--that's fruit flavored Tic Tac's!