Bug with bing crawlers that got me out of my mind

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i've been emailing bing support for more than a month now and still getting the same robotic automated response.

i have a website that was going great in search and also getting amazing visits.

untill one day this error started showing on bing webmasters.

 and the couldnt crawl my website after that.

Error for indexed pages: 

The inspected URL has been indexed, despite being blocked from crawling by robots.txt. Please make sure that the block is valid as this might prevent us from showing description about the page in the search results.
error for live url inspection: 
We were not able to fetch the content as the URL has been blocked for crawling using Robots.txt.
i made sure robots.txt / htaccess / hosting firewalls etc
nothing is blocking the crawlers.
and from time 5 or 6 pm the problem goes till 11 pm the problem shows again the whole day
the problem killed my website and bing is still giving me the same reply for more than a month
i checked with several seo experts and companies and told me its a bing glitch and bing support isnt really helping.
any suggestion what should i do in this case?
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