Cannot Login to Manage Business

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I've been able to login to Bing Places for Business using my gmail account. However, recently as of April 8th or so, 2022, when I go to Bing Places for Business the site displays the login page, when I select to login it shows the google oAuth prompt Bing Places for Business but also states


Choose an account

to continue to


The link says


Developer info

Email: Email address removed

Choosing an account will redirect you to:


And the login page just reloops back the same Bing Places for Business Page without any errors or indication of any issue.


I cannot login or manage the business.


What is this issue????

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Hello , Do you have 2FA credentials enabled for your Google account?

Bing probably doesn't have the correct credentials from Google, but I'm guessing.

Automatic OAuth 2.0 token revocation upon password change - Google Workspace Admin Help





Thanks for the response;  yes, I have not made any changes to my google account (no password changes since 2018) and full OAuth credentials management is turned on.  I have tried all ways to login without success.  I simply get returned back to Bing Places for Business index page.  I removed access and re-logged in and my google account shows that Bing for business is setup with access. BingforBusiness.png

Here are the steps I take with no success.  Images attached.   I go to the URL, then select to login with google (as I have done countless times before with success prior to April 8th or so), then the google oAuth prompt comes up, then I login.  Note that it displays a google email, why??? (I don't recall that on previous logins) Then I log in.  The page simply returns back to the same login prompt/index page.   What is going on here?



Please note, I have also tried with a MS Account, please see attached.  The page does not allow me to access my business listings or re-claim them:




The site redirects back to the login page with no access to  anything at all.  I cannot even access the Support page either, since it also redirects to the login page.  


What is going on with this????

I am having the exact same issue.  VERY frustrating.  I have tried multiple browsers and tried using both a Gmail and email address.  

Update to ALL, it seems it was a downed site; I am now able to login as normal. Whoa! Thanks Bing! This is good news. All A-OK now.