Bing Webmaster Tools - Remove various URL's from index for specific domain

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I own a domain. In the past I haven't care about the Bing search on my homepage. Now I found some strange requests in my server logs from the Bing robot. I created an account for the Webmaster Tools to figure out what happens. But didn't find a clear answer. Formerly my homepage didn't return the correct answer 404 on invalid requests. The site was always returning code 200. It was a mistake in my PHP code. But I have fixed this bug on the last days.


The issue: The Bing robot tries to request some sites which where never defined in my sitemap.xml. Also in the past. But I can't find any information in the Webmaster Tools.


Is there a way to show the full index and delete this "unknown" URL's from the index? Or is it possible to remove (reset) all current data for my domain?


Currently didn't find the specific function.


Thanks in advance!

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