Bing Webmaster Support Team - Not Responding to any support tickets

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I have been referred to come here by the bing forums.

It has been extremely frustrating to get someone from the support team to advise and unblock our website which was being indexed as normal last year but the past 6+ Months we have been trying to get in touch with submitting multiple tickets. Not one single engineer or support advisor has gotten back to us in regarding to why our website is no longer being indexed at all and getting blocked.

Could I please get an update and acknowledgement of why there has been a massive error in our website getting blocked? And can you please unblock our website which adheres to strict SEO guidelines?







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I am in the same situation.
And equally frustrating.

It is crazy as this seems to be happening to a lot of legitimate websites. A few years ago, I got mad at Google and specifically switched to using Bing search engine only. Since then, the platform has pretty much become unusable with search terms rarely reaching relevant content. The news portion of Bing is hilariously bad. Any of the financial news sites have been written by scripts with errors that you can point out. We need an alternative like Bing, but it is quickly becoming clear that Bing can't fulfill that role. I use Edge mostly but never use Bing anymore because it isn't reliable. I am also in the same boat as you trying to find out why a site was deindexed with no email or notification. Support ticket hasn't been responded to yet, but your post gives me little hope that I'll ever get a response. I've tried adding new meta descriptions and reuploading the XML authentication file for the site. Will return if anything changes. Good luck!
I have tried modifying the meta description as well, but so far I have not seen any good results. :(

@miraitaro A couple of years ago, I specifically switched from using Google to Bing to help the search engine. I even became an insider and had access to new features early. The search terms rarely provide great relevant results today but I’d still use it to not use Google.

Now is a tough time though with ad revenue already plummeting. This doesn’t help anyone. I have contacted them on FB, Twitter and email. Surprisingly my pages are still accessible in Bing images though so I get a hit ever so often. That makes me suspect I am missing a lot of traffic and money when I need it the most.


Only way I know to move forward is file a real complaint elsewhere to get in touch with someone who can help. Nothing has changed on my site though so it has to be a Bing flaw somewhere. It is happening to too many sites and not all of them are crap. I’ve seen thousands of complaints already. Thanks Bill!

i got same issue as yours
no response from them at ll

@9orao5brsame here for months :(



One of the moderators or team members messaged me a while ago and their incompetence really show as well.

The first thing they told me is not to even bother going through LinkedIn and reaching out to the team there and threatened me with a permanent ban.

I do not and will never condone any kind of harassment from fellow business owners and e-com managers etc and that goes for both ways.

Thousands of business owners are suffering with the Bing Web Team incompetence alone for not even replying to any of our emails about our sites which are no longer being indexed.

If I put my website down, you would know actually how big of a business we are and I am sure this goes for others here and that have previously or are still having the same issues as we are. Regardless of business size or power, the lack of transparency is unacceptable.

I have not received a single email back from anyone from their team, what are we supposed to do at this point?

I believe we can officially regard that there must be 2 or 3 people taking of care the customer support tickets or it has been completely abandoned.


I really wish it was a different outcome but, the unprofessionalism literally can be seen from the moderators and team members that do respond to these threads with nothing useful but further leaving us in the black

Just want to join the choir. Also have a site that disappeared TOTALLY from Bing last year. No mail. No notifications. No explanation.

I am afraid they trust their stone age IA to do a proper job replacement for real souls.

To me, it seems arrogant to exclude websites from the index without any kind of notification, and reading all responses here makes me believe they have lost connection to us the website owners the base that is the basis of their income. Unfortunately, it goes for Google as well as Bing.

@JSkelton1998 Hi, could you provide some suggestion about where to file real complaint, Thanks very much!