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Yes I downloaded it on my Desktop 10 64 Bit. I use google and Edge. It stopped working and went back to Windows theams and if I redownload it is says sorry you already have it uninstall and reinstall. I have look all over my desktop and I cannot find it to uninstall got any ideas. Thanks and May God Bless you and Family

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sorry but this is not the correct section for your topic as it's only about Microsoft Learn and not product support.

anyway, you can uninstall it the same way you can uninstall any other apps.
here is a guide:

Hi, just to clarify, did you download the Bing Wallpaper app?

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I got it going. I love this app 

I love using bing. Not just the wallpaper but also the earning points for searches. If you haven't already signed up. Do so here ->