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Hello all! We've seen a number of inquiries along the lines of,


"Why is my site not listed on Bing?" or "Why isn't my site ranked higher on Bing?"


While we understand this question is important to some of you, the best place to get answers to that question is Bing webmaster support


As a reminder, it is against our code of conduct to link to external websites (to keep the Tech Community free of spam and self-promotion), so questions like, "Why isn't listed on Bing," are not allowed here. 


Please note that I do not work for the Bing team and cannot answer any further questions about Bing or indexing your site. 


Thanks for understanding and contributing to Tech Community.

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But the quite long waiting time for a response from Bing Webmaster Support, is killing. So I understand why some try different things, like this forum.

@rabalupe Sure, I understand why people try different things as well, and unfortunately, I don't have any control over the support team, nor do I represent Bing as a service. I'm a community manager here and trying to enforce the rules of the community. However, here is some reasoning for you:


1. Tech Community is not a support site. Technical experts do help out each other here, but they don't need your specific website link to offer generalized SEO support.

2. Many people like to come here and use the community to advertise their products and services, which is not allowed. Oftentimes they try to find a convenient way to implement those advertisements  to make it seem like they are asking or answering a legitimate question. Many of the inquiries in this forum are not legitimately asking a question, and that is why we don't allow the third-party websites to be shared. I hope you understand the importance of enforcing the rules of the community and keeping the community advertisement and spam-free. 

3. While generalized answers may be available from members of the community, the only people who can solve these sorts of problems for you are people who actually work on Bing who are available through webmaster support, who are not available here. 

Thank you Eric, for taking the time telling me why you do as you do. I was just feeling some frustration towards Bing, for not showing my website. For unknown reasons.

All the best,

As far as I could tell, there definitely are some big problems with Bing.

This is my full report - feel free to delete/edit if you find it to be inappropriate/self-promotion:
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Google is huge, it's scary. It definitely could use some high-quality competition. Unfortunatelly, as far as I can tell, Bing is not it.