Bing shouldn't be biased towards politics

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When searching for "Twitter", Bing recommends all right-wing organizations or people. It shouldn't be doing this. I remember a couple of years ago when we did Skype Calls a Bing manager said they weren't biased towards politics, but this implies the opposite. 




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I don't think anyone on Bing is manually doing it,
Typically, the most popular pages are the ones that Google/Bing will show to users as sitelinks in search results.

Hi @Deleted! The deeplinks, the additional Twitter accounts under the original search result "Twitter", on Microsoft Bing are algorithmically driven and can change frequently. It's even possible for these types of results to shift daily depending on what Twitter accounts people are interacting with most. 


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@HotCakeX Algorithms can be biased. You see it on Facebook and YouTube. This issue doesn't happen with Google Search, and doesn't happen with DuckDuckGo (which gets results from Bing)




right-wing, left-wing, middle-wing, these are just baseless tags and labels people assign to some individuals. 

if Bing listed some other accounts, then someone else would come here complaining, oh why Bing is showing left-wing accounts, that's biased etc.

there is no way to keep everyone happy and the problem is that people are so used to categorizing others, and label them. this is wrong and also a reality.

@Alyxe Unfortunately, I believe your answer to this question is at least partially incorrect. The deeplinks for Twitter do not change frequently. It has been over two months since the original post on this thread, but the results are the same. Donald Trump's account hasn't existed for over a month, but it is still the top deeplink for this search. 

I believe that these results are algorithmically generated. However, I am concerned that Bing results are being *gamed* by SEO techniques, and I think Microsoft should take a careful look at that.