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I wanna know about your experience with Bing Shopping!


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Do you use it? Why or why not? 

What do you like about it? 

What could be better? 


If the feature isn't available in your country post a comment with a picture of your countries flag! 

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Bing shopping is good,
I want to see more sellers' data listed, more online shops included, much more, specially the local ones in each country.

i also want to see the official product stores labeled, for example when i search for Xbox series X, I want to see Microsoft store page for XSX listed at top with a label saying official, and then continue listing 3rd party sellers.

this has lots of benefits, will show people what the true price of a product is so they won't buy it higher than that from someone else on eBay.
@Alyxe, Hi!

So far, Bing Shopping has been working great.
I like/love that it shows widespread stores, it could be improved by adding even more!

Currently, my company, KamEDU, has an offer for $0.99 instead of $1.99, but I don't see that promotion on Bing. I understand that the website is not very public yet and I am using Wix Stores, but hopefully it'll be supported soon.

Hope you have a great week!
I don't' really use it since it isn't that. modern and some stuff aren't working. Well a lot of stuff are missing and the US region is much better. Please improve for :maple_leaf:

@Alyxe (First, O.M.G.! LUV the GIF!!!)


As far as Bing Shopping (itself) goes, I had never heard of it (until today). So, it is safe to 'say' that I have NEVER used it. That having been, well..., typed, now that I AM aware (and have looked it up), here is- was- my process:


  • At first glance, I see a carousel moving way too fast for me to read;
  • Then, 'basic labels' ("browse by top categories") happen to be missing(?) the/ an 'entertainment section'- movie houses, theaters, music, and other art formats; Also (missing?), a pet food/ supply category;
  • Next, (I'm guessing "bath & beauty" is the default?) I chose to click every "top category" for an individual 'evaluation,' of sorts.


Here are some 'Food For Thought':

*While I can see where you (Bing Shopping) are going with 'this,' I would like to suggest that perhaps the sub-categories (in this case/ starting with the ones under fashion) become more generalized by with the basics- i.e., men's, women's, children's, pet(s).' Or, better yet, to include age groups under each 'basic' sub-category of men's, women's, children's, pet(s).' *(As a woman who JUST turned 49 (Jan. 26), I find it challenging to know what 'styles' I may (or may not) still be able to 'get away with.' Let alone what is 'trending' for/ in my 'age group'/ range.:facepalm::flushed: NOT that I care for or follow trends or "popular" things/ items; I can nonetheless understand/ see how many people might need this for themselves.) 


*The sub-categories under "electronics" and "eco-friendly" seem FLAWLESS, while "home & decor" could use a furniture sub-section and be made more apparent by going room-to-room. *Example(s): kitchen, den, game/ living (room), bedroom, bathroom, patio, garden, shed, garage, etc.


*Under "toys & games," might it be better suited to go by age-range? It is more comfortable to shop/ find for a specific age range than for an individual category/ genre.


*I am curious, though, about the "recommended for you" section. Does that/ will that become more catered to the person as the person uses this system, or will it just be like a 'free for all' guessing game of what the computer 'thinks' the user will/ would like?


*I think the "POPULAR PRODUCTS DEAL(S)" should be closer to the top"Trending products." Are they essential? What, the deal with the "for you?" As in, after the "recommended (for you)," "trending products (for you)," and the "price drops (for you)?" This 'for you' makes it HARDER to shop FOR OTHERS when designed for selfishness.


*I feel (the) "popular stores" row unnecessary and redundant because they are already KNOWN.  After all, it seems to me that only the big conglomerates can afford to have these so-called 'cash-back rebates.'


*"Coupons" are a must! Everyone luvs to feel like they are saving money- even when/ if they aren't.


*You might want to put the "shopping inspiration" more toward the top of the page. Thereby making it easier to find/ see.


*While I was 'flipping' between this page and the Bing Shopping page, whenever I clicked back to 'Bing Shopping,' the page itself jumps straight to the top instead of leaving it where I had left off. Also, I would like to note that the thought of shortening "Bing Shopping" to "B.S" would NOT be a good idea. What if 'it' were to be labeled/ called "Bing's Shopping HUNT?" Or, "Shopping, by Bing?" Even "Shopping with Bing" sounds a GREAT deal better than ANYTHING that remotely could be considered "B.S.." (If you catch my drift!!! :suprised:)


The overall takeaway, this IS most DEFINITELY  'worthwhile!'


THANK you for reminding me! I wanted to make a point about seeing a store's reputation score- IF there even is one. It has become evident for on-line stores not to be as transparent as they should be.

FOR INSTANCE, I made a purchase through "the Violet Vixen" on September 6, 2020. (It is now January 29, 2021.) I have YET to receive my purchase, let alone SOME sort of apology for the delay. 

During the last four and (nearly) a half months, I made some inquiries and looked into the validity of "the Violet Vixen." As it turns out, there have been MANY, MANY, MANY complaints filed with the BBB regarding them; but, unless you do the work to find such info, a person could just as easily fall prey to insidious companies like this one.

The point being, while I would LUV to see MORE 'specialty' stores on/ through "Bing's Shopping Hunt" (LOL?) only if I knew the shops that ARE there are reputable and respected in their company field.

Hi @Alyxe 

I wish to use Bing shopping but unfortunately it isn't supported in Pakistan buy-pakistani-flag-badge-online-pakistan-stationeryx_250x250.jpg



I very much agree with the "Official" part of this. One thing I always hate about Amazon, and reason I rarely use them now, is that the third-party sellers on the platform vary wildly and I've had less than satisfactory response from them.


I have used it for a variety of gift ideas, but for everyday shopping, I don't really do that enough to use it with any regularity.  I usually know what I want (or what the Wirecutter tells me is the best to buy) and then would go directly to the manufacturer's website or a local store for in-person pickup 



@Momawtofive wrote:

which website? this is a forum/community, nothing is sold here.

Hi @Momawtofive, Bing Shopping helps users find websites that sell the specific items they're searching for. Bing Shopping does not actually sell items. You may want to reach out to the retailer that you made your purchase through. They should be able to help straighten things out. 


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