Bing PubHub help needed

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I submitted my publication to Bing PubHub and it got rejected:


"Reviewed at 10:27 on October 19, 2023

The site application has been rejected. Please resolve the issues communicated in the e-mail and submit the form again. Click on the edit form below to make the necessary changes."


But I never received an email. Tried following up to email address removed for privacy reasons, email address removed for privacy reasons and email address removed for privacy reasons a few times, yet no response.


Any idea how I can proceed? (My publication has been accepted to other news feeds/services.)


Thank you.

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I understand your frustration with the rejection of your publication on Bing PubHub, especially when you haven't received any specific feedback. Here's a suggested course of action to proceed:

  1. Double-check Your Spam Folder: Sometimes, automated emails from services like Bing PubHub can end up in your spam or junk folder. Make sure to thoroughly check those folders for any emails from them.

  2. Resubmit the Form: As per their message, it's best to resubmit the form as they've suggested. Even if you haven't received feedback, addressing any possible issues and resubmitting the form might help.

  3. Contact Support Through Their Website: If your follow-up emails haven't received a response, consider visiting Bing PubHub's official website. They might have a support or contact section where you can directly get in touch with their team.

  4. Check for Common Issues: Review your publication for any common issues that might lead to rejections, such as plagiarism, inappropriate content, or technical problems with your website's structure. Make sure everything is in line with their guidelines.

  5. Be Patient: Sometimes, responses from these services can take time. While it can be frustrating, allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond or update your submission status.

  6. Explore Alternatives: Since your publication has been accepted by other news feeds and services, you might also explore alternatives to Bing PubHub, which could provide a broader reach for your content.

Remember that sometimes these processes can be a bit delayed or may require patience. However, by taking these steps, you increase your chances of resolving the issue and getting your publication accepted on Bing PubHub.


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