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Before my account got mysteriously deleted and I had to re-establish a new account, I had posted and had received responses to why Microsoft doesn't have a better system to track its Bing points users and their daily quest to use Bing and perform the daily tasks to continue their streak.  From the responses I received, apparently I was not alone, and now it's happened again, and I am so fed up with this Microsoft incompetence, I am ready to cash out my over $100 in Amazon rewards from using Bing, close out my Hotmail account, switch to Google, and as a long time MSFT SHAREHOLDER, I will write a sternly written letter to my CEO about this crap! For the record, I am not a computer geek, nor an IT guy, I am a retired individual on SS benefits and occasional dividends from my stock portfolio.  I don't have time for this BS!

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Hey @skeptic_101, it seems like there's quite a bit happening here. Let's start with the deleted account. Was it your Tech Community account? 


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