Bing not showing URLs in search results on M2 Mac

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Hello.  I am using Bing on two Macs.  One Intel Mac Mini, and one M2 MacBook Air.

Within just the last few days, no matter which browser I try (Edge, Chrome, Safari), whenever I search for anything in Bing, on the M2, there are no full URLs below the website names in the search results.

On my Intel Mac Mini, the URLs are still there.  See image below for comparison.


I use the M2 for work, so not seeing the full URL of where I'm about to click is very disconcerting.  I need to know if I'm going to a web page, a PDF, or what.

I am logged in with the same email address on both Bing accounts.

Is this an issue with M2 Macs, or did I unknowingly hide URLs in search results?  If the latter, how do I get them back?

This is not an issue with theming.  I checked to see if the text was just white by selecting all the text on the page, but there is no text there.

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 7.47.27 AM.png

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Same issue here on Windows. For me, it started with the latest Edge update, 116.0.1938.62, however it ONLY happens for me in Edge, other browsers work fine. Can't find any info on it.