bing not indexing - no response from support requests.

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We have submitted 3 support requests over the last 4 weeks, regarding our new webstore to obtain help. This is regarding our new website which is currently fully indexed on google yet not being indexed by bing probably because it is new or being blocked.


We have tried all the tools/help guide and believe we meet the technical requirements. We have ensured the bingbot can access our website etc.


This is really frustrating as we have spent a lot of time/money and were planning on using microsoft paid adverts to advertise on bing shopping to help our sales.


However had no response from bingwebmaster support, it's really frustrating, I have also sent a twitter message to the bing webmaster group online (BingWMC) with no response.


Below are the support references if anyone from webmaster can help or point us in the right direction.






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