Bing needs this breakthrough virus-related feature

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There is an edge extension called McAfee WebAdvisor, which shows me which links are safe on

Bing must get this feature, either through a partnership with McAfee or by making a new one.

Even though it's free, few people know about it. If you implement this feature, people will start to use bing.

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@CraterBug Hi

I do not recommend anything from this company - and the proposal to integrate this service is fun in the Microsoft environment - > I think your recommendation is a surprise for all :)

I told them to make something similar or to integrate WebAdvisor

Can you tell me why it's fun?
Why you do not recommend anything from this company and which company you are referring to?

Bing shows us unsafe websites which is bad
And sorry, Showing a website in a search and telling it's unsafe instead of removing it is stupid.

I thought more and realized that this (Breakthrough virus-related feature) is a bad idea

Bing and Edge also scans for dangerous websites, but I feel McAfee WebAdvisor is much better at it.
So instead of integrating, I think Bing and Edge must become as good as or even better than McAfee WebAdvisor.


Why do you think McAfee Web Advisor is better? Just curious how you determine this.

I'm not sure if it's better but, I generally blocks more websites and it also tells suspicious websites which may be dangerous. And it's a company just for giving security.