Bing maps in Angular (bingmaps@2.0.3)

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Good morning!
I have a question for Bing Maps and the angular package of bingmaps@2.0.3
We are using the bingmaps@2.0.3 package to display several tour stops on a map.
Of course, we want to display the best route for the driver. But we have a problem with the REST API and the package.
The package calls the REST Service several times (background-call) and when there are over 25 waypoints in our route, the map crashes. I know, that the REST API v1/Routes Request can't specify more than 25 waypoints in a route. ( We want to split our big request in several small requests and take them together in the end.
Back to my question:
Is there a way to call the REST API in another way or to deactivate the automatic call of the bingmaps@2.0.3 map?
Thank you in advance!
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