Bing Home Page Image Quality Getting Set at 30%

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Hi everyone. I am a LONG time Bing user and something that has happened in the last month or so is with multiple browsers, the background image on Bing's home page has been loading very pixelated. I was able to track down in the dev console that the code to load the image is being set to 30% for some reason. Below is the section of code for today's image and notice the qlt=30 at the end of the string.

style="background-image: url(/th?id=OHR.CommonDolphin_EN-US7311583363_1920x1080.jpg&rf=LaDigue_1920x1080.jpg&qlt=30); opac


I can manually change that to 100 and the image will load in at full quality. At first I thought it might be some extension causing it, so I turned off all of my extensions in Edge with no luck. I reset Edge, no change. Then I loaded up Brave with and without extensions and the issue is there as well. I have tried InPrivate mode, being signed in and out of my Microsoft account with no luck. Anyone have any ideas what might be triggering this? Attached is a screenshot of the 30% image and then another tab with the image manually changed to 100% and refreshed. Thanks for any ideas!


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I was trying to get to the bottom of this as well, even though I couldn't find the code you mentioned here, does it stay at 100% quality after you change and restart Edge?

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