Bing has De-indexed my site for now reason

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Hello. Bing has de-indexed my company website (link removed) and they are not replying to emails. I have no idea why this would happen. We are a legitimate company with an LLC in Georgia. The website is 3 years old. We do very well in Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo, and now, nothing. It is terrible that they can just do this to people and businesses. As if we didn't go through enough with the pandemic and thousands of events that we sell tickets to getting canceled, now this. We have employees that have families to feed. We have worked very hard to move up in the rankings and they can just do this? 

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The same thing happen with me before 3-4 months, There is no issue with my site: (link removed) I am continuosly improving my website for better result, But still i am facing the issue.

@Closeseats @harshilbarot Hello! As per our code of conduct, we don't allow sharing third-party/external links to keep the community a place free of ads and self-promotion, so we've removed the links in your posts above.


We hope users here can help, but this sort of inquiry will likely be best solved by Bing webmaster support: