Bing deindexed our site, all the content is genuine and site is ranking god in Google

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Our Site (link removed by moderator) currently not showing in bing search. Though the site crawled regularly and image search showed the result.

But regular searches have no result even if we search for "" this happened somewhere in November 2021, since then I tried contacting the support team about 5-6 times, after waiting around 6-7 days I get the same messages about policies and things to remove. Can Someone please tell me what I should do, because I built the website and working for almost 6 years now, It takes a lot of effort and suddenly we see Bing deindex our site -- a hard slap to our face, we don't know what to do as we are hopeless by now. Leaving this thread here and waiting for a miracle to happen.

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Update 2/10/22 I got an email saying the issue that caused my site to not show in bing is solved and my site will start appearing in Bing within 2-3 weeks. Been 2 days but I don't see my site in index, will update in next 2-5 days.
Update: Feb 13, the site is starting to show in Bing. <3 Faith restored
As a heads-up, we don't allow external links/ads here, so we've removed the link in your original post and in any replies. Sorry for the hassle. We recommend you reach out to Bing webmaster support about issues like this:
How did manage to get the search result back? My website recently face same issue, now searching for a way to fix it.


Just as a reminder, Bing webmaster support is the place to reach out to about these sorts of questions.


Please do not reach out to me directly as I will be unable to assist you. I have no involvement with the Bing team and no expertise to answer your questions. 

Hello Guys, Same issue. My site is performing so well in Google but Bing deindexed my site completely. I have wrote to them via Bing webmaster support but no response yet.
Hi Eric,

It doesn't help at all that no-one will get back to any of us where my myself and knowing other business owners have been waiting for months and beyond to receive support back.

Either there is 1 single person replying to all of these tickets or simply Bing Webmaster Support does not care at all. Have contacted many many times, not a single response back for why our website has suddenly been blocked, de-indexed or why it is no longer being indexed.

Extremely frustrated and beyond angry that Microsoft is inept like this.

@Akin730 I believe I have been very clear.


Please do not reach out to me directly as I will be unable to assist you. I have no involvement with the Bing team and no expertise to answer your questions. 


I am closing down this thread for new replies. Any attempt to private message me directly about this (or try to reverse engineer my contact information on Facebook, as one person did) will be permanently banned as you've received plenty of warning. 


I do sympathize with your situation but I am just doing my job as a community manager here, moderating content, and do not feel that merits me being the target for all of your frustrations with a product I have no involvement with. 


Thank you.