Bing de-indexed our genuine site from search results without any apparent reasons

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To the Bing Webmaster Team,


We'd like to mention that after emailing the team many times, indicating that there is a fault from Bing's side that is preventing our site's pages from indexing and showing up in Bing search results, we are being constantly ignored.


We'd like to reiterate that our site is completely genuine and ranks well on Google. All of our content is indexed there.


But due to some indexing bug in Bing, pages are crawled constantly but are not getting indexed. However, Bing Images shows the media we have on our site. 


We are losing potential traffic from Bing and other search engines (Yahoo and DuckDuckGo) which unfortunately use Bing to show their search results.


We are in the online blogging business for 4 years and have been ranking well all this time. In fact, our site is following every indexing guideline Bing has instructed. Why else we would rank well on Google? And why else Bing would show our site in media results if it's not Bing's fault that is preventing pages from showing up on the primary search results page? 


It's evident Bing has an indexing bug and is even de-indexing genuine and authoritative sites. 


We request you kindly please look into this matter and solve the indexing issue as soon as possible.


Thank you!

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Don't bother, they will ignore you.

Thousands of legitimate, with no errors, and “indexed” status according to Bing Webmasters, domain names were removed from the search results since middle of 2021 but to this date, they have not addressed it nor acknowledged there is a bug.

Join the club. Remove Bing from your plans, and join the campaign in telling third-party search engines using Bing to stop using it.

For example, instead of using DuckDuckGo (which uses Bing, thus you get thousands-less legitimate results), use StartPage. Same privacy-first search engine with thousands of legitimate domains still intact.