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I've used the new map chart in PowerPoint (powered by Bing) - it's great as it shows counties as well as countries! Unfortunately some of the places in Wales don't fill in (grey areas below) and a couple are incorrectly labelled. I've sent feedback to Bing directly, but hoping somebody on here could alert/chase the right people about this issue?


Hoping these official Government links confirm the outlines of the areas in question and proof you need to update the data on Bing...?


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Screenshot of PowerPoint map chart using Bing dataScreenshot of PowerPoint map chart using Bing data

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Following this, as I have had similar issues in the Western United States

Hello and welcome to the Bing Community, @debbiewheeler. We're glad to see that you're using the Map Charts powered by Bing. Can you provide me with more details about the steps you took, so I can provide Bing Maps with feedback?