Bing China has this weird Chat system

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I don't know if this should be discussed but it seems that in the region Bing China there is this weird chatbot, but it is sending weird messages, look at the screenshots.



I found this accidentally since looking at Bing, one of the suggested lists was Bing China.


I dont' know if it is working correctly or not 






Wow, my little cuteness is back



I don't; get why you need to put a feature like this in the China region and it shouldn't be there. please remove. 




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It doesn't even respond properly when asked "Hello" in Chinese.

This shouldn't be a feature
it's made for Chinese people, doesn't make sense to ask it to talk in English.
i don't see Chinese people complaining that it doesn't work.
also translation is not 100% accurate
I think the most accurate way to get feedbacks about this is from a Chinese native that is fluent in Chinese language.
I'm sure these tools are made in cooperation with someone with Chinese language knowledge and they didn't just use online translators to build it.
Okay, maybe I should have done that but I do understand that language but I dont' think it is working that good
That's interesting, didn't know you were fluent in Chinese
Yeah, I am still learning that and Ffench as well :)

It actually talked english to me, just change the language to english and leave the region in china, and it will work. For a quicker launch to the chinese region, you can use



Okay, I understand it works but it is talking like it has a crush on me for some reason??? It says "hanssome" wow my cute is back. That is strange part
How you get it to speak english? I couldn't get it to work

Change the region to chinese but change the language to english. 

Change the display language, not the region:



It also spams me with messages that I dont' care.
Yes, tha tis what I did. It only shows if I choose in the Bing searhc, the chinese version not the international

I discovered this annoying chatbot long time ago when I was touring china.


Yay!! It is working, thanks





Oh, I see, this has been around but it is so funny that BING SAID GOOOGLE

That chat box needs a attidue ajudjemtn
This is worse than Cortona, corotna is way better, bing sucks at this and why in China???
This chat bot was first available for any region long ago. But people where saying bad words to this AI and this AI learned all the bad words. After that, Microsoft only enabled this chat bot for china so that they hope it doesn't learn any more bad words. (This is just a theory, but truth is it was available back then to other regions)