Bing chat says it can email files, but they never arrive

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Bing chat in creative mode helped me create a Powerpoint presentation complete with graphics. Bing offered to email the powerpoint file to me but I never received it. We tried a couple email addresses. Bing then said it could send the file to my Google Drive, but that too was unsuccessful.


Is Bing hallucinating that it has this feature? What is required to make this work if it is indeed operational?



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same here, in creative mode it said it created an audio file/song for me using a source audio file that i uploaded, but it kept telling me that it was posting a link, however the text/link was never an actual clickable link and when i asked for the actual url for the file, it provided a url/pathnthat pointed to a server that appears to be not operational, actually a redirect comes up stating the domain is available and for sale.