Bing chat enterprise not showing for all users

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We have enabled bing chat eneterpise, some users can access Bing chat enterprise, other users who are using edge, and are signed in with their work accounts can not see Bing chat enterpise. I don't understand why some users see and others do not. Is there anything I should be checking on their devices/account

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I'm not sure how this is related to the question.
The machine is hybrid joined, and is co-managed by intune.
@Dejul Shah - Please open a customer support case. This sounds like it could be an issue of which licenses are assigned to users. Bing Chat Enterprise is available in preview for Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium and Business Standard licenses. It is also available for faculty at education organizations with Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 licenses.

Are the users you mentioned on the same or different tenants? It could also be that one tenant is enabled and not another.
i have the same issue.
i have enabled everything and license is properly assigned.
it was working ok for 1-2 months and suddenly stopped to work.
i already opened 2 cases and both of them MS support unable to solve it.
will open a 3rd cases for the same.
I've got the same problem in one of my customers' tenants. I haven't got any fix as for now, all licenses and policies checked including M365 admin portal - all ticked and green
Our issue is resolved, it was a license issue
E3 users saw bing chat enterprise, E5 users needed to have E3 Extended features licenses added manually to the users to enable bing chat enterprise
We had a bunch of users affected and it started to work after deleting Edge cache.
i deleted cache, did sign-out/sign-in, reboots, tried different machine, tried edge and chrome.
the outcome is the same, i can't see the logo of enterprise and under the under the user it's not showing protected sign.