Bing Animal Factsheets is downgraded

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This is totally a downgrade since some animals now dont' have a fact sheet and the wiki is even worse now.




Please tell devs to revert back, 


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Hi, I'm new to this community and sorry for my English, I am Italian.


You are right, but for some animals, the Bing Animal Factsheets is updated. For example for some dogs such as the Bulldog.


Then, can you explain something to me? How do I know if I'm registered to the Bing Insider program? Where can I control my participation? Thank you




Yeah, I see that, it seeems to be a controlled rollout.

For the bing insider program, they isn't a registration, you just have to be member of this community and continue sending feedback and such.

@Alyxe can explain the rset
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Hey @Deleted, yep! You've figured it out; this is a new feature. It's completed its testing phase and now is being rolled out. We Just announced this today in Microsoft Window's Blog


@TommyDordo Welcome to the Bing Insider's community! I'll send you a DM with more information on being a Bing Insider. 


Alyxandria (she/her)
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I don't see any changes in my bing search, I still see the downgraded of what I showed in the screenshot. Is it sitll rollingout>






This is what I mean by downgrade and I haven't been updated yet :(



Oh, my bad, I will just have to wait for it to roll out to me
I see that you are using the program!!

That is so amazing!!

Yep! It's one of my favorite things about Bing! Have you seen our Give with Bing employee cards on our Twitter


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

Yup, I have
Cool!! I can't wait for more.


Thank you, I love this Bing service.

Hey Tommy, I am just wondering if you heard of the Give With Bing Program?

You see you earn search points and do quests to get Microsoft Rewards Points!!

You can also redeem for sweepstakes, donations or other prizes.

You can also use the program to donate to a charity of your choice with that program.
Thank you. I've been using Give With Bing for a few months now and it's great. Now I have also convinced some of my acquaintances to use this service.
You'e welcome!!

Enjoy using Bing!!

That is amazing!!

What charity are you donating to?
I am very happy to donate and do good.
Yes, it is a good idea but it should be only used when it is needed so it wont' spam them.

Just a heads-up: There was a donation issues in the past months that may have caused the donation to be declined but it is fixed now.


You should make a profile picture and use this frame if you wish :)