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some problems on bing android: we can no longer define the bing image of the day as an automatic wallpaper every day, it's more than manual ... On the reception, the icons hide the image too much, and for news, you should be able to choose which ones to leave, (daily summary, or other) it would require "favorite icons" on the home page. On the navigation bar at the bottom, you would have to remove the arrows, because all the phones have an arrow back normally, remove the part "account" and put it at the top (right or left) to free up space on the bar, and thus be able to choose the icons that you want to put (for example news, translation, sports ...)

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Hello @Tio_Dep, thanks for letting me know. I'd love to take a closer look into this for you. Can you provide me with screenshots to go along with these details? 


Alyxandria (she/her)
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Hello, some items have already been corrected however, you will find in attachment some indications


1) for the account, see the screenshot about it

2) For wallpaper, there is only one button to "set as background" but no button or setting to set an automatic change and not all countries have bing wallpaper

3) For the news, you should be able to choose a center of interest, or a source, or a type (daily summary, headlines...) on the home page, to have what is certain to interest us.

4) for the menu icons, we should remove the icons, and put a "plus" and then let choose some favorite icons, which will do as "favorite shortcuts" ...